For Small Town Vibes
Under Big Open Skies

Experience the Flavor of Pueblo

DIVERSITY  – Puebloans embrace the diversity in our people and our opportunities. Explore our diversity through unique local food specialties like the Pueblo Chile, visit our many museums or talk to some of our residents about what brought them here.

PASSION – Pueblo is proud of our authentic and hard-working people who are passionate about their lives, families and community.

TRADITION – We embrace our traditions and culture, celebrate where we came from and what makes us who we are today. Discover our traditions through local cuisine and festivals, music, performances and more!

Pueblo is a friendly city with a mild climate, hometown vibe, authentic food and thriving arts community that is abundant with history, opportunity, and true Colorado adventure!

Real stories from people who chose Pueblo as their home

I choose Pueblo because…

“We were overwhelmed with the small town feel, welcoming spirit of the people, and the quiet structural improvements occurring around this culturally diverse city.”

“As recent empty nesters we wanted to downsize and downshift, but we also have career experiences that we hoped to utilize in a city where positive growth was taking place. After visiting Pueblo, we were overwhelmed with the small town feel, welcoming spirit of the people, and the quiet structural improvements occurring around this culturally diverse city. We chose Pueblo because it is a perfect fit for us. We are more relaxed, we get to play all along Colorado’s beautiful front range, and we are contributing to Pueblo’s promising future.”

Keith & Barbara Madkins

“There are so many family-friendly activities and the weather is fantastic!”

“I chose Pueblo because it felt like home. My husband and I had moved for work several times over five years and ultimately were given the option to live anywhere in Southern Colorado. After visiting and doing some research, we chose Pueblo. It had a small-town feel with bigger city amenities. Since we both grew up in the mid-west, we appreciated that there are water and trees. There are so many family-friendly activities and the weather is fantastic! I am very happy that we chose Pueblo to become our home.”



Ashleigh Winans - NeighborWorks® Southern Colorado

“The opportunity to serve and shape the future and sustainability of our City!”

“I chose Pueblo as my home for two main reasons, first for the opportunity to serve and shape, along with other passionate leaders, the future and sustainability of our City. Second for its outdoor adventures. I enjoy running, walking, canoeing, snowboarding, and hiking. Pueblo provides my family the opportunity to live and play in a community that is large enough to offer various amenities like the Riverwalk. It’s also geographically perfect to allow its residents the opportunity to enjoy nature due to its proximity to various hiking trails, ski resorts, the Pueblo Reservoir, and my absolute favorite Pueblo’s Nature Center running path.”

Cecilia Devine - Pueblo Board of water Works, Human Resources Manager

Where you can golf all year round!

There is no doubt that Pueblo has phenomenal weather most of the year with over 300 days of sunshine and mild average temps. It could be a full on blizzard just 30 minutes north and be perfectly sunny in Pueblo! This weather is ideal for the outdoor enthusiasts and beyond. You will enjoy the best of all seasons with gorgeous fall evenings, warmer summers, average winters and amazing sunsets against the bordering mountain range all year long. Hot temps in the summer often give way to cool nights and snow doesn’t linger around too long in the winter.

Discover some of our favorite seasonal activities:
  1. Play a round of golf in October, November or even December!
  2. Hit the slopes in just 90 minutes.
  3. Celebrate the holiday season with a local production of the Nutcracker, a Pueblo Symphony performance and more.
  4. Taste local favorites: Poticia(a Slavic bread) a Dutch Lunch at Gus’s or chow down on Pueblo’s own green chili slopper (open-faced hamburger smothered in hearty green chili).
  5. Take the family out on a boating trip around Lake Pueblo.
  6. Fly fish the Arkansas River during those early fall days when it’s not too hot or cold.
  7. Take in a local show, museum exhibition or create a world all your own with your family at the Buell Children’s Museum.
  8. Head out on the nature trails for an evening stroll or bike ride.
  9. Explore the historic districts or antique shops throughout the region.



Whether you are looking to move to Pueblo, planning a visit or want to find out more about the community, these quick links will get you started with additional information and contacts to prepare you for your journey!