Pueblo Area Schools

Both Pueblo City and Pueblo County off Curriculum Choice leaning opportunities. While other communities require students to attend schools based on geographical boundaries, the City and County of Pueblo allow parents and students to choose an educational pathway that is best for the student regardless of where they live.

Parents can choose geographically selected schools or they can choose to work with their child to evaluate individual learning styles and interests to select the learning model that best fits their student’s goals.

Explore Pueblo’s schools with the below map and profiles. You can filter by our two main districts 60 & 70 and by type to narrow down your search. Please email hello@choosepueblo.com for more specific information about our educational offerings.

School Boundary Map

Requesting a school boundary map from the City or the County School District is the best place to start. You can then identify your address and see which schools are assigned to your geographical area.

D60 High School Map
D60 Middle School Map
D60 Elementary School Map

D70 High School Map
D70 Middle School Map
D70 Elementary School Map

Identify Curriculum Choice Pathway

Students are auto enrolled into their geographic homeschool. To opt into a curriculum choice pathway, you must notify your geographic homeschool first. Follow the attached guidelines to determine your personalized learning pathway. To opt in visit:

D60: Apply for School Choice Curriculum
D70: Apply for School of Choice Curriculum