Pueblo Area Neighborhoods

A wide variety of neighborhood options can be found in and around the city and, on average, homes cost less here than in other areas of Colorado and the rest of the nation with a median home price of $300,000. Rentals are around $950-$2,000/month.

Explore areas with stately and unique Victorian homes to newly developed housing communities throughout the area. Enjoy the rustic feel of a log cabin or how about starting that family farm you always wanted? You can find a distinctive neighborhood that best suits your family’s needs. This map details median home price, available utilities in each neighborhood and information about broadband access. Look for the purple home icon that has an overview and median selling price for each area.


New Housing Developments

Current Average Home Sale Prices (Updated September 2022)

  • Average home sale price is $300,223 throughout the City of Pueblo compared to $586,317 for average home value in Colorado.
  • In Pueblo West, to the west of the city, homes are selling on average for $435,001.
  • Homes in the Mesa neighborhoods east of the city within Pueblo County are selling for an average of $406,892.
  • Average rent prices are $950-$2,000 per month.

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